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Online dating tips single parents

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Problem: I've been dating a nice man consistently for seven weeks and I'm wondering if it's time to introduce my 10-year-old son to him. --Diane, 40, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Solution: Just like you don't tell your kid everything, you don't have to introduce them to everyone.

I'd rather stay home, read books to my daughter, tuck her and then me in, because it's familiar. --Heather, 30, Indianapolis, Indiana Solution: If you're feeling butterflies in your stomach (or like you could use a shot of liquid courage) don't worry -- it's normal, according to Spencer.

"Just wait until it really seems as if the relationship is serious and stable.

Then, it can be nice to introduce your child to a new person in their own environment.

--Shannon, 29, Avon, Ohio Solution: Yes, you can have your cake, eat and enjoy it too.

Spencer says, "If your carriage is turning into a pumpkin just when your night is getting more interesting with someone you've been on a few dates with, consider starting your next date at his place, rather than ending it there.