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Scientific definition radiometric dating

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But if there is no creator, or if Zeus and his gang were in charge, why should there be any order at all?

So, not only is a strong Christian belief not an obstacle to science, such a belief was its very foundation.

Evolutionists continually revise their theories because of new data, so it should not be surprising or distressing that some creationist scientific theories need to be revised too.

The first article on this page sums up what we believe the creationists’ attitude should be about various ideas and theories.

We provide brief explanations why, and/or hyperlinks to other articles on this Web site with more detailed explanations.

(See also a refutation of the argument Newton was a creationist only because there was no alternative?

) However, after the rise of old-age beliefs thanks to James Hutton and Charles Lyell, some scientists caved in and ‘re-interpreted’ the Bible to fit them.

Since there is so much good evidence for creation, there is no need to use any of the ‘doubtful’ arguments.

This page also shows why it is important for people to stay up-to-date with sound creationist literature, since these publications (e.g. In particular, we concentrate on the biblical teachings of creation by the Triune God, and that death is the result of sin.