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Mr Curzon began to behave badly, said counsel, soon after the marriage, but things went fairly well until August, 1899. He flew into a violent rage, followed me upstairs, hit me, and knocked me down.“I called my maid, and got away down-stairs.

Then he found a letter written by Mrs Curzon, which he thought began “My dear Man”. He followed me to the dining-room, put his back to the door, and refused to let me out.

It may be that in the future we shall see Miss Jeffreys in more ambitious work than she has yet attempted, and that being so, it is impossible to say how far in her Art she will go.

In the particular line she has made her own, she has already and member of the diplomatic service.

As it was, the whole process lasted over a year and even after she had married again, Ellis still had to ask the judge’s permission to take Evelyn to America when she and Herbert returned to New York with the theatre in 19 (which is presumably why the divorce documents were closed until 2007, bringing them in line with the 100 year privacy ruling).

Mrs Curzon found evidences of infidelity, and a solicitor was consulted. Then he let me go, and somehow or other I just got through my part at the theatre that night.”Had Ellis not had money and connections, it might not have been so easy for her to divorce her bad-tempered aristocrat.And the rather opportune way Ellis was able to soon discover her husband with the adulterous Mrs Bearing (this was the only name she was able to supply the court, despite stating that there were many more cases over the years with unknown women) makes me think that she might have been concerned about the tables being turned on herself at some point in the proceedings.This must have been a stressful time for Ellis (particularly if she had fallen in love with Herbert during that summer in Maidenhead).Her real name is Minnie Gertrude Ellis Curzon, and her husband is the Hon Frederick Graham Curzon, a son of the late Earl Howe. Counsel stated that the petitioner made every effort consistent with her professional position and peace of mind to prevent the matter going thus far.The marriage took place in 1894, first at a registry office, and afterwards at St. They lived first in Jermyn Street, and afterwards in Devonport Street, Hyde Park, and there were a boy and girl born of the marriage. I have been a devil to you, but no more of it.” For the children’s sake Mrs Curzon took a cottage at Maidenhead, her husband living in Devonport Street.“In September,” said Mrs Curzon, who presented a tall, graceful figure in the witness-box, “I came back to town and told him he would have to vacate the house.In fact, some months later I was able to visit the scene of the ‘crime’ – and although the road has been renamed Sussex Place, and the house is now the Hyde Park Radner Hotel, it was not hard to imagine Ellis gesticulating from one of the wrought iron balconies which overlooked the street.