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Sunshine members sold mums at homecoming and chicken at the Goshen Relays with the profits going to the Heart Fund at the Rileys Children Hospital. Kinney Jill Rensberger, Dawn Edwards Spring 81 BOYS' and GIRLS' SPORTS SCORES FOOTBALL SCHOOL GHS OPP. Elmhurst 23 33 Penn 24 31 Plymouth 23 33 Concord 15 48 Northridge 17 41 Wawasee 16 45 North Wood 22 33 East Noble 20 37 Warsaw 16 43 Rochester 15 46 Memorial 19 36 Marian 20 41 Mishawaka IS 45 Lakeland 21 35 West Noble Invt. Patty Essig and Donna Davis made an exchange of the baton on the last leg of the 880 yard relay race on Foreman Field. "Daddy Date Night' had an excellent New Problems turn out with dads trying to pick their daughters' favorite stuffed animal. Having an Ideal Lady throughout the year added to other activities Sunshine did to bring cheer in the halls of GHS. Deatra Kinney headed Sun- shine for her third consecutive year. Officers were Deb Kendri^k, President; Sharon Rensberger, Vice Presidnet 1; Gail Berkey, Vice President 2; Teresa Blackport, Secretary; and Marcia Kauffman, Treasurer. North Wood 35 Wawasee 33 14 Concord 14 7 Bremen 12 6 De Kalb 40 Rochester 16 6 East Noble 16 8 Plymouth 20 22 S. Clay 16 32 Warsaw 50 6 JV FOOTBALL Wawasee 14 6 Concord 22 8 North Wood 14 6 St. Penny Hoffman quaified for the high jump and the long jump at the state level but failed to place in the tough competition.

In the fall activities included a trip to Chicago to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, to see the Brookfield Zoo, and to spend some time to shop. FOR SURE, the way we, as graduating seniors, live the rest of our lives is up to us and we'll have no one to blame but ourselves. Sue Beth Vanderheydan, Mindy Snyder, Julie Slabaugh, Linda Chris Har Tey Joe Harfev jlhn n ' q V k H °' den ' Karen Weaver ' and Char,otte J°'°ersma. V ' ° a Ve Shoup ' A,an Lotz ' Mike Alflate - Paul Bowers .

Joe 7 20 Rochester 14 Warsaw 22 6 Plymouth 21 East Noble 6 12 CROSS-COUNTRY Fairfield 20 41 West Noble 25 31 Angola 16 47 Central Noble 15 50 Bremen IS 44 F. girls track Pictured above are the girls who represented Goshen at the various levels of the ISHAA rournament competition. tournament while ten of the runners went on to place in the Sectional.

Front row, left to right, are Jill Fult and Penny Hoffman who both qualified for the state in the shot put and long jump and high jump, respectively, and Nancy Troy who placed in the 440 yard dash. Second row, left to right, are Terri Brandt who ran a leg on the 880 relay team, Paty Essig who qualified in the 220 yard dash, Sarah Beeson who ran in the 880 relay and 440 yard relay, and Sheri Snodgrass an 880 yard relay member. They were Nancy Mover, hurdles, high jump, 440 relay; Deb Eshelrcen, hurdles, 880 relay, 220 yard dash; Sheri Snodgrass, 100 yard dash, 440 relay, 880 relay; Donna Davis, 440 relay, 880 relay; Sara Beeson, 880 relay, 440 relay; Patty Essig, 220 dash, 880 relay; Nancy Troy, 440 dash; Jill Fult, shot put; Lynn Flora, shot put, Penny Hoffman, hurdles, high jump, long jump.

As sprmg seemed to V here, aootne^day, March 22 schoo JPal a recorcr of 9-T2 inches of snowfall bl*iketed the area. Supporting the administration staff in the principal's office were Patsy Keim, secretary, and Imogene Blos- ser, bookkeeper, while in the guidance office were Nancy Teague. Attendance counselor Charles Hess and attendance clerk Doroty Rassi with students as they checked into the atten dance office before going to class. WHEN I think back now, I realize how short my years in school have been.

Beliefs-the quality of trust and confidence placed in a person or thing- was truly witnessed in many of the activities at GHS, something that was not such an important part of students' lives in the past. St Udentsireregreg J^ during ttife fiprftwo weeks of January IWith no wajnjpafl B^tfive mote consecutive dayslrculd be mtssecfrhelast week of January =^ry. Not one to ever stop working and giving health care, she an- nounced that she would spend time helping the African natives. Mc Farland received the Disting- uished Service Award from the American School Health Association, a high national honor indeed. Mc Farland was the janitorial staff of Rex Butler, George Madison, Mary Nead, Maxine Nisley, Harold Ralston, James Haney, and head custodian Ken Albert. S Custodian George Madison Head Custodian Ken Albert Custodian Mary Nead Milt Pappas was GHS's study hall teacher and athletic trainer.