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Altenritter is a suburb of Kassel in the Northern Hesse region of central Germany.

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This data is based in part on Adam & Eve's internal research, so we can't verify it or know how accurate it is.

What we do know is that the infographic recycles a lot of worn-out myths about women and sex. Sex toys are about as "scandalous" as online dating is these days.

What about the couples who use sex toys to enhance their sex lives? Then check out the recap below the infographic on the company's website.

It poses the leading question, "Does this boom in popularity mean that single career women are simply choosing sex toys over time-consuming relationships?

They just care about themselves and what they can get out the situation." -"Dallas, Houston…especially Atlanta, and Jacksonville has them too.

The women in Puerto Rico and Brazil are easy but they really could care less that you play in the NFL.

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As part of Complex.com's week-long NFL Preview, we surveyed several NFL players to get a glimpse into just what the groupie scene is like these days.

Instead of locales like New York and California, which are known for their more liberal attitudes toward sex, the states with the most sex toy purchases per person, at least according to the data Adam & Eve pulled, are those generally considered socially conservative.

(Click through the slideshow below to find out which state came in first.) The top states also happen to be sparsely populated.

It's married women who are buying up the sex toys -- at twice the rate of single women, in fact.

You know, because they "can't get no satisfaction." As far as I can tell, the folks at Adam & Eve think men are very bad in bed.