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As 2016 begins, the recent public interest in hunting for royal burials shows no sign of abating.

These ‘segments’ glimpse into the incredible historical scope that set the stage for the Norman conquest of England, circa 1066 AD.

After William’s victory at Hastings, Odo was made Earl of Kent so it is probable that he would have had full knowledge about this particular school.

Another clue is that some of the names spelt in Latin on the tapestry are not spelt in the way a French person would have written them but they are spelt in the English style of the time.

Though the tapestry is now a major tourist attraction, it does have a strange history.

There was a vague mention made by the Bishop of Dol of a tapestry that was in the possession of Adela, William’s daughter. No proper mention is made of it until 1476 when someone writing an inventory of what was found in Bayeux Cathedral noted that a “very long and very narrow strip of linen, embroidered with figures and inscriptions representing the Conquest of England, which is hung round the nave of the church on the Feast of relics and throughout the Octave.”During the troublesome days of the French Revolution, it was going to be used as a wrap-around for a wagon to save its contents from the weather, but it was saved at the last minute by a member of Bayeux’s city council – Lambert Leonard-Leforestier.