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So, when you wake up, ask God to help you catch whatever it is.

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Mary caught my eye as I blushed saying "You do have an eye for the ladies, even grannies. We parted but still holding each other Mary said "More relaxed and happy with this old granny? "Your the first 'old granny' I've ever kissed like this", stressing the 'old granny' bit.

Took a glance at her legs as she bent over, not bad for an oldie. "Yes" I stuttered with a growing stiffy in my pants. "Obviously not going by the growth in your trousers". Taking the hint from Mary I put my arms around her and started caressing her shoulders.

Jake and Pete were childhood friends since grade school and most recently roommates. You've been staring at these legs since we started talking. When it came to sucking it Pete felt his heart beat fast and the air leaving his lungs. "Will you do it again one day please", then added "soon". Mary put her hand down on my hard-on which was like a tent pole.

They were able to afford one apartment downtown for a reasonable price and have lived there for nearly a year. I'm Pete, his roommate." "Yes, he told me about you two living together." "Sorry I disturbed you." "You didn't really. I bet you were staring at my feet, too." "Okay, uh, maybe I better leave. "I'm a dead man," said Pete, still with thoughts on what his best friend would do to him if caught in the act. "Better do something about this, as I can't send you home to your mother like this".

"Now daughter said to give you a tip, will a fiver do? If it's any consolation it's the first time for me".

"That's okay Mary, I didn't think she noticed, sorry". She broke the kiss and said "Loosen up, hold me, relax.

We held on to each other, Mary sobbed and I was elated as it was the first time I'd ever done it.

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And I prefer to keep my ass safe and sound." "Calm down, Peter. He licked and sucked every drop he could find, along with the sounds of Rita's moaning ringing in his ears. With that I took my hand out of Mary's knickers and licked my fingers. Wiggling her groin against me Mary said "Your entering unknown territory, please be gentle, its been years since a man has had his hands in my knickers and I want to savour the moment, please go on Brian". We had stopped kissing, her breathing was erratic and Mary's head was on my neck. I can't wait, I'm about to cum, this old granny is about to go over the top. Slapping her bum again I eased my hand into the top of her knickers then then with my other hand released her dress and put my other hand into the top of her knickers. Knowing Mary was about to climax but didn't know what it entailed I could only carry on doing what I know was pleasing her. "Well here's a fiver, it'll be our secret", and Mary put her purse back in her hand bag on the floor. Then with a twinkle in her eye said "Would you like me to bend over again? Mary turned, bent down over her hand bag again staying longer "Is that better" gently lifting her dress showing more of her thighs. "It'll cost you making an old granny bend over like this" Mary said. As Mary approached me she noticed the stiffy in my trousers and smiled. Mary took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips, just a peck. As we kissed our lips automatically opened as Granny Mary moved her hands over my back. " "That's too much, normally your daughter gives me a couple of quid" I said. "If you can keep a screet you can kiss me, if you don't mind kissing old grannies". "But nothing Brian", Mary approached me, "don't want to know if its your first time or you've been bending my daughter over this table top every week, just kiss me". My mind was racing but excited because I'd never kissed such an old lady like this before and I was liking it.Get ready for some absoluttely amazing lesbian teen porn videos, here at 18you will meet many nasty young ladies that will surely make your dick hard.