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Consolidating democratic transitions

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Following his resignation, the regime encountered difficulties in finding a new leader as no civilian politician was suitable for the existing revolutionary factions in governance.

After fifteen days, Branco became the new president and managed to reform the political-economic system (Hudson, 1997).

Since their classic volume The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes was published in 1978, Juan J.

Linz and Alfred Stepan have increasingly focused on the questions of how, in the modern world, nondemocratic regimes can be eroded and democratic regimes crafted.

Democratization finally occurred in 1974 and coincided with the 'Third Wave' of democracy.

One will be surprised and wonder how Brazil's long period of authoritarianism under the reign of three capable leaders, Branco, Silva, and Medici's leadership sparked a possible shift to a democracy.

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Next, I will explain the reasons that caused the breakdown of authoritarianism in Brazil.

In 1945, military coup supported by the Brazilian oligarchy finally overthrew the ineffective and harsh leader.

Brazil then plunged into a long authoritarian rule from 1964 to 1985, in which the military government held power and democratized Brazil through five major stages (Codato, 2006).

Finally, I will evaluate the extent to which democracy in Brazil is consolidated based on its obstacles and threats, and suggest ways in which the democracy can be stabilized.

The first stage of Brazil's political transition corresponds to the Castello Branco and Costa e Silva administrations (March, 1964 - December, 1968).