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Advantages of being pretty easy to implement (I think), and relatively fast.

Disadvantages of only applying to certain functions, although I think printf will cover a large number of use cases. Suggested below and in #1, compiler flag that causes memory reads to go via l32.

Thanks for this @jcmvbkbc, very interesting development.For example if I have a configuration page I don't care if it is a bit slow but there is probably a lot of help text so I don't want to use too much memory for it.On the other hand if I need to compare command strings in my API I want it to be as fast as possible for better response time and to save power. With the current implementation it's possible to pass -mforce-l32 to the compiler only for those source files that need it.Enforcing a max size would be a good idea, also not stack-allocating larger sizes.A long term solution (assuming no compiler changes) would be to implement alternatives for functions ala Option B that get selected at compile time.Advantages/disadvantages similar to Option A, although the separate functions will be more complex to write than for Option A (but no compiler changes).