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The phenomenon has caused a re-engineering in credit systems with regard to the role of technology in granting credit (Pereira, 2006).Companies that grant credit are investing in better credit analysis, so as to avoid working with clients who pose a risk, thus reducing the default rate.According to Guimarães & Chaves Neto (2002), when the company has at its disposal a rule for recognizing patterns and a classification to indicate in advance the chance of non-payment by a future client, the decision to grant credit is made easier.

This ability depends on the capacity to logically analyse often complex situations, and reach a conclusion that is practical and feasible to implement. We have more than 100 current international development projects worldwide, including projects in Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Pakistan, Colombia, Paraguay and Kenya.Due to the recent growth in the consumer credit market and the consequent increase in default indices, companies are seeking to improve their credit analysis by incorporating objective procedures.Therefore besides the experience of the analyst, they are using methods and techniques that assist in the task of deciding whether a client is creditworthy.Recently, risk management has come to occupy a prominent position in financial administration, particularly as a result of the expansion of credit, of market growth and of globalization (Bueno, 2003). (2007), making the correct decision as to granting credit is essential for the survival of financial institutions.Moreover, these environments are dynamic, with constant changes, and decisions must be made quickly (Mendes Filho et al. The use of models that forecast risk is vital in some cases.