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Due to the Soviet authorities frequently renaming cities after Communist leaders, the city was known as Zhdanov, after the Soviet functionary Andrei Zhdanov, between 19.Today, Mariupol remains a centre for industry, as well as higher education and business.Mariupol remained a local trading centre until 1898, when the Belgian subsidiary SA Providence Russe opened a steelworks in Sartana near Mariupol (now the Ilyich Steel & Iron Works).The company incurred heavy losses and by 1902 went into bankruptcy, owing 6 million francs to the Providence company and needing to be re-financed by the Banque de l'Union Parisienne.The last Tatar raid, launched in 1769, covered a vast area, overrunning the New Russia province with a huge army in severe winter weather.In 1770, the Russian government, not waiting for the end of the war with Turkey, moved its border with the Crimean Khanate southwest by more than two hundred kilometres, initiating the Dnieper fortified line (running from the today's locations of Zaporozhye to Novopetrovka), thereby laying claim to the region, including the site of the future Mariupol, from the Ottoman Empire.Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and capture of Donetsk city by pro-Russian insurgents associated with the Donetsk People's Republic in 2014, Mariupol was made the provisional administrative centre of the Donetsk Oblast.

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The name was derived from the Hodegetria icon of the Holy Theotokos and Virgin Mary.

Marioupoli) is a city of regional significance in south eastern Ukraine, situated on the north coast of the Sea of Azov at the mouth of the Kalmius river, in the Pryazovia region. The city is largely and traditionally Russophone, while ethnically the population is divided about evenly between Russians and Ukrainians.

Mariupol was founded on the site of a former Cossack encampment named Kalmius and granted city rights in 1778.

The mills brought cultural diversity to Mariupol as immigrants,mostly peasants from all over the empire, moved to the city looking for a job and a better life.

The number of workers employed increased to 5,400 persons. However, the period from 1917 onwards saw a continuous decline in population and industry due to the February Revolution and the Civil War.